Birds in the sky, the switch of the trees, change of the weather, unusual on the skin and distinct sound echoing, signalize the initiation of various seasons. The change in weather demonstrates the way of living the life, regulating different acts, and more over an optimistic beginning to step further. Mainly, it is our responsibility to render generative environment for the appropriate life circle of seasons with their own characteristics.

images.pngThe birds chirping with melodious tune, the regeneration of the trees, all the green surrounded forest, thunder and thunderstorm when it rains demonstrate the spring season. The determination, joy and passion of human beings double in spring season as if the whole universe has been conspiring for optimistic change. All the living beings feel joy and splendid in spring season which reflects regeneration, life and initiation. The mountains smile showing their white teeth, the plants feel cheerful for having new breathful life. The flowers flowering everywhere extend their sweet perfume which motivates people to be plunged in the depth of nature. Many poets get digged in the pleasant and greenery surrounding of the spring season to compose poetry attributing the qualities of living beings to the non-living nature.

The skin perspires, scorching sun appears the body prefers thin and less clothes, the trees become complete adult, and the skylark gets pleasured in summer season. People would like to visit distinct new places in this season. Basically, the beach, pools etc get crowd for swimming. On the perceptive of Nepal, this season would be like festival because farmers do plant crops without caring to the hot. The more they flow swept in this season, the more they harvest. Moreover, this season is summoned as rainy season. Many people, who prefer rain, would get socked in rain. The greenery started to grow in spring season gets matured in summer season. The weather temperate high, days lengthen and nights shorten in spring season.

Trees turning into yellow and pale, people’s excitement for harvesting, the time after summer and before winter season is recorded as autumn season. Autumn season is summoned as fall season also because the leaves in trees initiate to leave its body. Neither too hot nor too cold, farmers would harvest the fruits of their perspiration excitedly forgetting all the labor and sweat poured in summer season. Many festivals occur in this season on the basis of the Eastern philosophy. In some Western philosophy, it would be holiday. Furthermore, autumn season refers to death, fall and melancholy because the chill of winter is approaching. The birds in the sky worry about winter season. The birds initiate seeking the place to hide from the coldness of winter season, and the trees would cry in separation of leaves, in this sense, this season is recognized as melancholic.

All the surroundings gets silence and cold, the trees would be naked, dull and chilly surrounding and get difficult to go out reflect the winter season. People would enjoy working more in winter season. They consume more food during this season. The days get short and nights get long. Leaves shed its trees so the trees would be naked, in this sense, the nature does not be pleasant. Moreover, the poet takes this season as melancholic, unpleasant and chaotic. All the birds hide themselves in the nest because of coldness. Fog and frost appear, consequently, the crop of farmers destroy. While discussing positive aspect of this season, we can use fresh air to breathe and work for long time. Furthermore, contradictorily, poor people would pass terribly in this season because of the poverty. They can’t spare more money for warm clothes. So, they suffer miserably during this season.

In addition, seasons are supreme medium to organize different ways of life. Indeed, they provide distinct identifies since we act different work on the basis of seasons. We all are very acquainted about changes which appear in different seasons. However, sometime the features of seasons do not move exactly and accordingly. We all have heard much news about climate change and global warming. It doesn’t rain adequate, although this is summer season. When autumn season approaches and people get busy harvesting, it rains heavily; consequently, all our crops sweep out. Such the condition has been frequently happened which is causing terrible obstacle in the world. Though many people, organization and government have been attentive to eradicate the problem, nothing has improved. That is why; the worst impact has been showered to the seasons and their characteristics. Indeed, seasons have been sick which don’t regulate their work in proper time. The one and only creature human beings are accountable for such.

For the proper change in seasons, we all rational human beings should be united. The developmental activities and industrialization are leading the nature to the destruction. Change of season is the change in the nature.  Mainly, those so called developed countries are responsible which are engaging in developmental work without even caring the sun and dusk. In the name of development, we have become totally indifferent towards nature. The layer of green house gases have increased and more probability for enhancement. The mischievous gases and dust are the reasons for such disorder in seasons which are produced by industries. The clock of season has been delayed and unpunctual, consequently, people and living creatures are impelled to go through terrible problems. Various diseases have extended. It is symbol of good-virtuous to develop industries, but in the name of industrialization, we can’t be indifferent and apathetic towards the nature. For the order and punctuality of seasons all youths should be integrated like various flowers to sew an attractive garland.

In nutshell, people should adjust in each seasons either it is the leaves growing in tree or perspiration flowing or the leaves changing into pale or the fog and frost veiling the environment. We should never abandon working schedule rather must blend on the switch of seasons. It seems very fundamental for human being to be aware about disorder of seasons before performing any act and initiating any industries since disorder of season reflects our calamity.



In my opinion Teacher

In my opinion, one of the sterling feelings in the world is to be acknowledged as a teacher which renders a distinct identity and strengthens the strong bridge between teacher and students. Indeed, teacher and is a role model for students since teachers are those who shapes the innocent empty mind into the sea of the adequate knowledge. When a student says, “You are my best teacher then it gives the loudest noise on the ear of the teacher”. When a student gets the chapter of victory, the most a teacher will be happy. Teachers are those who pass their life brimfully and cheerfully seeing the brim and cheer of the students. I think that teachers have such the power which anyone else can’t have.

Teachers don’t hide any feeling of selfishness. They just want to see their students successful, cheerful and prosperous. All the students are equal on the eye of the teacher. Teachers are ones who easily find out all the inner endowment of the students and treat them accordingly. The success of the students is the success of the teacher. It is certainly true that teachers sometime hit, hurt and punish students. But, on those all physical punishment, only good motives is hidden. Teachers want to make students future bright. So, they are compelled to punish us.

I taught students for three years. The experience being teacher, I can’t express anymore. I never treated the students as students but as my own children. When I used to tell that my children did this, that then people used to question me, “Are you married?” My answer was, I am not married but I have many children being a school teacher. Now, I quitted the job but still I love the teaching profession and respect the feeling of all the teacher. It always gives me an immense happiness when some students call or message me stating, “We miss you”. I think that a teacher can utilize and get all the happiness not having tiresome of the work imagining school as a home and students as their own children.

How an international education would help you to achieve your dream? 

International education is the bridge between the dream and ourselves, mostly achieved by abandoning the own country and the national campuses. Many students nowadays are pulled to the international education because of the low qualitative, less practical-based and less skillful education because they desire highly qualitative education in order to secure their career, become competent and developed the leadership skills.

International education acts the significant roles to achieve the dream as it widens the mind and ways of thinking by recognizing and experiencing distinct cultures, languages, traditions and values. International education is the sterling path for gaining all sorts of modern education systems which is practical based and qualitative. The students will develop the ability of reading, writing, listening and speaking in foreign language. The students would be civilized, intellectual developing and broadening their all types of hidden skills and interests with experiences and observations. Highly advanced countries offer the unique, career-oriented, technical and innovative course, which are not conducted and interpreted by other countries, in this case, the future noticeably rests secure.

Furthermore, the international education enlarges the leadership development through interactions and experience with culture and proficient personalities. The students would be able to expand the global awareness, interact with unknown people easily, immerse themselves in their cultural heritage and visit the many historical landmarks. Studying abroad will change the perspective of the world through reflection. Being away from the home, relative and country, it teaches us to be mature and self-dependent which also co-operates to understand the real life more thoroughly and can be beneficial in the longer term. When we go to abroad choosing our own subject on which we can gather all types of experiences and knowledge widening the scopes and knowing the preliminary to the conclusion so that we can be proficient in our own field. International education can achieve the dream that all students dream for as it develops the international relation by attending the lectures and classes within a global community. The students can implement their knowledge which they have learnt from international education in their own native country after returning to the own country so that their country will also be prosperous and developed soon and from that we can anticipate the gross global development.

Thus, international education is the bedrock to attain the dream as it offers distinct, practical-based, qualitative and broaden concept on the subject matter which will secure the career as well as develop the skill to meet all sorts of criteria of the opportunities. However, it is very essential for the students to enforce all their developed skills and capability for the advancement of their own native country returning back after the accomplishment of the course.

Pratima Oliya

Education for Sustainable Development

Education, the third eye, is the source of sustainability which strengthens all the aspects that are associated within it developing all sorts of hidden skills and imparting the ways of overcoming against the obstacles. Unless the highly practical-based, scientific, qualitative and technical education does not broaden, it is impracticable to conceive of sustainability since education is very fundamental element for constructing the strong pillar of sustainable development.

Education collaborate pupils to enlighten about the advantages and necessities of sustainability from the school level and can predict that the literate generation will act out considering to the future generation either to establish industries or to utilize the natural resources. The illiterate people can’t imagine critically, logically, and creatively. So to shape the mind on the basis and to build up the house strong from the base, there must be provided the qualitative, practical-based and technical education if which is imparted equally all over the world, the sustainable goals can easily be gained by 2030 as it co-operates to solve out other social problems like poverty, superstition, dowry system, gambling, alcoholism etc. Today in this century also there are many people who are not able to acquire the education still practicing superstition and accepting the evils easily. They are unheard of climate change, disaster risk reduction, biodiversity, poverty reduction and sustainable consumption which are requisite for sustainability.

The approach of teaching consociates to enlarge all the skills, change the behavior, participate, console the problems by the team work and to implement the theory into action which aware pupils about the sustainable development as the sustainability can’t be achieved from the technical and strong-structured machine and instrument. For the sustainability all co-related evils and problems should be eradicated which is impossible to solve out by one single hand like a flower can’t make a big garland. To make a massive garland, we need many flowers.

Climate change is one of the major factors which hinders to the sustainable development. When education will be granted all over, all will adopt the measures for eradicating the global warming as soon as the global warming gets removed, and the problem of climate change will not stay any longer. Students would have the knowledge about the limitation before establishing industries and pull to connect them to the nature. Disaster risk reduction is comprised within education. Disaster risk reduction education attempts to reduce the damage caused by natural calamities like floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquake etc framing out the concept of large pupils. It observes the relationship between society, environment, economy and culture. There is the appreciable importance of disaster risk reduction education as it emphasizes to aware children, teachers and community people to accomplish disaster management preventing themselves from being the victims of natural disaster and perpetuate an initiation to aware all the people.

Biodiversity is the important part of education as students would be familiar about the distinct habitat and life of animals and plants and it becomes comfortable for the students later to place the animals and plants in the healthy environment. The biodiversity education enhances the concepts, ideas and attitudes which are required for the sustainability. Poverty one of the burning issue of the developing and poor countries, would not be possible to eradicate unless the education didn’t widen. Sustainable development observes either there are adequate sources for posterity or not. So, if the people don’t have anything for fulfilling necessities now we can’t expect that the sustainable development has established. Poverty reduction is fundamental for establishing the sustainable development. When the students would enhance the skills, abilities, they can easily reduce poverty by adopting the measures i.e. establishing the industries, awaring illiterate and expanding the employment opportunities.

Sustainable consumption is to utilize the resources centering to the future generation and the minimal impact on the environment so that the future generations will not meet any troubles and can get the needs. Sustainable consumption education emphasizes children to protect the resources and use them in the limited ways. We all know that children are the future of tomorrow. When the student’s mind will set up about conserving the resources, then the posterity should not to worry about resources. Furthermore, it extends the knowledge about the importance of resources and the measures that can be followed to preserve. When the resources will be utilized in the functional and systematic way, the sustainable development can be established.

In addition, education plays an essential role for mobilizing the human resources correctly changing attitude, habits and thinking. Not only that education civilizes human beings. When become civilized, the resources can also be preserved. Education motivates the students for changing the attitude and embracing some acceptable measures for the establishment of sustainable development by training them from the very beginning. The literate fellows will extend broadly about the importance of education for sustainable development. The students will be aware about the plantation ridding out from the deforestation which are also very important for the sustainable development. The literate people don’t enhance the chance of pollution rather they will meet for eradicating the problems so far. They will aware other ancient and literate people for conserving the environment. The students would be very familiar with sustainable goals and its indication so that they themselves could do some innovations for the eradication of the evils and meet to the target.

Thus, education is the bed rock for the establishment of the sustainable development. However, education hasn’t yet been extended all over the world. There are many rural areas where people still have not achieved the chance for getting the higher education. We all from the corner of the world should be united for the equal, practical-based and qualitative distribution of education so that the sustainable development treads the step itself following us.

Pratima Oliya



Mom Stops Shouting Because of Landlord!

I was returning to home from college. When I arrived inside gate, I saw two little children playing and jumping. They were aged four. The mothers of these children were whispering and they began to laugh louder and louder.

Then, a girl asked them mummy, why are you shouting in such the loud voice because you told me that the landlord is home? What will she say seeing you laughing? Everyone was shocked upon hearing that. The girl represents thousands of children who dwell in Kathmandu with the same kind of fear and anxiety.


Yes, we Nepalis are aware about international migration. However, it is disheartening that nobody talks and raises question about internal migration due to which a large number of people suffer. In spite of being inhabitants of Nepal, we don’t have any favorable or adjustable environment while migrating internally. Imagine the troubles that people have to go through when they migrate to foreign countries. It must be miserable.

The government as well as the citizens exhibit less interest about internal migration since the unhealthy competition and clamor have extended because of the tendency of internal migration. Moreover, when a landlord constructs a house and allots for rent more expensive than other landlords, other landlords also increase their rent. The unhealthy competition is extending mainly in Kathmandu.

Many people migrate to Kathmandu, the dreamland of Nepal, for the quest of prosperity, for better facilities and technologies. However, it a dismay that tenants have to battle through anarchy in the capital city. There tendency of hiking rent whenever the landlords want torment innocent people into empting their flats anytime, without any reason for the condemnation.

Though they pay rent in time and clean the surrounding, they are treated like outsiders. Such torment not only affects adults’ psychology but also of children. Furthermore, many families from different cities dwell together in the same house in Kathmandu. They live with the fear and terror of landlords.

Many students migrate to Kathmandu in search of qualitative education since the cities and the valley is centralized with facilities such as better hospitals and schools. But, many landlords hesitate to rent rooms or flats to students. Students mostly require a single room as that is all they can afford. But he landlords do have a single room spare for students.

Moreover, many a times the landlords demand the rent for two months at once or rent in advance. They don’t consider that their tenants live in fear and mental torture.

In nutshell, the government, NGOs, INGOs or those who are involved in eradicating social problems should seriously construct some system that would be beneficial for all. A defining rule for hiking rent or kicking tenants out should be carved out in favor of the tenants. There is a dire need for strong internal migration policy in Nepal for which we must all contribute from an individual level.

Mass Media shaping the people’s idea to buy the product

The mass media including television, radio and newspapers broadcast and publish advertisements and persuades the people to buy their products. As excessive as they publish and broadcast the same advertisements showing many benefits of using, the people also love to buy as the advantageous product. I strongly agree that the mass media shape the mind of the people to buy the product.

Similarly, the mass media have the great influence upon us not only on the buying products but also it shapes our mind socially, culturally and psychologically. While speaking, eating,clothing, imitating, it affects us. People believe and follow what the mass media broadcast and publish. We can recognize mass media as the worthful and trustful medium of the people. The main source of the media is advertisements. They go to the extent in order to publicize the ads and persuade people in order to enhance the selling of the products. People watch television and read newspaper from that they are encouraged to buy the product. Sometime, they don’t need the product, but they buy because they get influenced from the mass media.

They like to know about their favorite celebrity, their life style, etc. If some advertisements are published or broadcasted by some particular actors or actresses, the fan of those actors and actresses will surely buy the product. People follow the activities which are often done by their favorite celebrity. Then, human imitate language, dress, way of speaking. That is all the consequences of the influential mass media.

While clarifying with some details and references, we can take an example. If the ads of ponds cream frequently be published in newspapers and broadcasted through television. The ads will be watched by the customer of fair and lovely. When she sees the ads many times in each day, few days after, she also will buy pond cream because it is the human nature that gets influenced from the positive benefits. We all know about the history that there has been staying an important role of mass media either it is the period of voting some leaders in the election or to broadcast and publish the ads,the mass media plays vital role for shaping the mind of the people.

In the last, I extremely agree that there is always the influence of the mass media for the excessive use of the product which shapes the mind and persuades people to buy the product.


Struggle, this word is made up of eight letters which has an important role in our life. Struggle is the way of reaching on our determination. Catching out the fish from the sea, we need to put some hard work, then we are doing struggle. After catching out the fish from the ocean, we feel proud and we cheer up for accomplishing the work. Struggle is the mean of doing work for outstanding outcomes wherever we go, whatever we do, we have to keep struggling. The life without struggle can’t be successful. There is no meaning of the life, if we don’t struggle. In other ways, struggle is the sign of failure and succession. One who does struggle much will have a bright future. Those who don’t struggle and become overwhelmed seeing the minor- minor challenges would be failed permanently. So, life is all doing the struggle getting victory over the challenges.